Friday, July 15, 2011

Storytime Anyone?

I stumbled across this exciting feature on the Barnes and Noble website this morning! Online Storytime!

They add a new story each month and you can also listen to past stories! They already have some GREAT titles!

I also need to share this amazing blog button my friend Rachele  from Teach, Blog, Repeat made for me. I am still working on putting it on the blog. Cut me some slack! I am a beginner! Thanks Rachele!

Have a GREAT and HAPPY weekend friends!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well hello there teacher friends! I hope you are all happy and preparing for another GREAT school year! I am excited this year to have a theme for my classroom! I never had a theme my first few years teaching. I was too busy trying to keep my head above water with the beginning of the year rush. However, this year my theme will be owls! My excitement over this theme even inspired my blog design and name!

The past few years if feels like owls have been everywhere! I love some of the ideas that I have seen! So cute and eclectic (and anyone who knows me...knows I love those two things)! I have so many great ideas! I will share them as they are all put together. Here are a few ideas I am starting with!

My friends Rachele and Jamie Lee over at Teach, Blog, Repeat introduced me to Scrappin Doodles. I instantly fell in love. They have AMAZING graphics. Here are the owl packets I purchased. SO cute!

AASD9456 Hoo Loves Easter Clip Art Download   AASD9537 Little School Owls Clip Art Download

I have also blog stalked and seen some super cute ideas!

I am in love with this beginning of the year bulletin board! What a great idea from

How cute are these cubby tags from

I adore this reading center decor!

You can see lots of other great owl ideas at my pinterest page!
I hope you have enjoyed my first post! More to come soon!